Castrol Oil – விளக்கெண்ணெய்

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Nalvazhi Organic Farmers Market presents an outstanding product in the form of Organic Castor Oil. Sourced from the highest quality organic castor seeds, this oil is cold-pressed without any chemical treatments, ensuring its suitability for both children and adults. Apart from its application on the skin and hair, Organic Castor Oil is a key ingredient in Tamil Nadu’s regional culinary specialty, sambar, enhancing the flavor when added in approximately one tablespoon during preparation.

Here are the benefits of Organic Castor Oil:

  • Numerous advantages for skin, hair, and overall health.
  • Effectively works on irritated skin.
  • May aid in preventing signs of aging and reducing acne severity.
  • Moisturizes the skin and aids in blemish removal.
  • Potential for preventing stretch marks and reducing pigmentation.
  • Stimulates new hair growth and treats scalp infections.
  • Useful in preventing premature greying and treating ringworms.
  • Acts as a disinfectant for wounds and possesses laxative properties.
  • Demonstrated efficacy in alleviating joint pain, arthritis symptoms, and boosting the immune system.

To use Organic Castor Oil:

  • For headaches or eye irritation, apply it around your eyes and on your forehead as a remedy.


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Castrol Oil
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