Ponni White Rice – வெள்ளை பொன்னி 1kg

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Unveiling the Power of Organic Raw Ponni Rice: A Nutritious Staple with Culinary Versatility

Nalvazhi Organic Farmers Market proudly presents Organic Raw Ponni Rice, a unique and cherished variety with a rich history and remarkable health benefits. Developed by researchers in 1986 and primarily grown in the fertile Kaveri River basin, this rice variety holds a special place in Tamil Nadu’s culinary landscape.

A Nutritional Powerhouse:

  • High in Calories: Each grain of Organic Raw Ponni Rice carries up to 5 kcal, providing an excellent source of energy for an active lifestyle.
  • Glycemic Index: This rice boasts a low glycemic index, potentially beneficial for individuals managing blood sugar levels.
  • Dietary Fiber: Rich in fiber, Organic Raw Ponni Rice promotes healthy digestion and supports gut health.
  • Gluten-Free: This rice is naturally gluten-free, making it a suitable choice for individuals with gluten sensitivity.

Beyond Nutrition:

  • Culinary Delights: Organic Raw Ponni Rice offers exceptional versatility in the kitchen:
    • Perfect Plain Rice: Enjoy the pure, delicate flavor and aroma of this rice as a simple side dish.
    • Variety Rice: Explore a diverse range of rice dishes like pulav, biryani, and vegetable rice, adding a unique texture and flavor.
    • South Indian Favorites: Create fluffy idlis, crispy dosas, and comforting porridge with Organic Raw Ponni Rice as the base.
    • Global Cuisine: Experiment with this rice in various international dishes, adding a touch of tradition and health.
  • Sustainable Choice: Choosing organically grown rice contributes to a healthier environment and supports responsible farming practices.

Embrace the Goodness:

Nalvazhi Organic Raw Ponni Rice offers the perfect blend of rich heritage, exceptional nutrition, and culinary versatility. Embrace the goodness of this unique rice variety and experience the difference it can make in your health and culinary creations.

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Ponni White Rice
Ponni White Rice – வெள்ளை பொன்னி 1kg 80.00
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